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                       Our Washer and dryer pick up is 100% Free

We come to you and pick up your dead and unwanted appliances for free. Many companies will charge a hefty fee to come to your home or place of business to pick up your old appliances. This can be costly because every so often people can have up to 5 appliances that need to be removed. All of these things can be removed for free when you contact us for washer and dryer pick up and disposal. Set up an appointment now, one of our representatives will get in contact with you on the same day to set up a washer and pick up appointment. And of course this is a free service to all. 

So click on the link that says contact today for a free washer and dyer pick up in your neighborhood.​
is now available in your city. If you live in Los Angeles, Orange, or Riverside Countys we will come out to you free of charge. Our washer and dryer pick up service is not like other washer pick up services because we offer you free pick up and disposal of major appliances . Are you moving out and need washer and dryer pick up? Your search is over. You can have your worn-out washing machine and dryer picked up for free the exact same day that you set up a washer and dryer pick up appointment.

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We Service all Of Orange County,  Los Angeles,  & Riverside Counties and surrounding areas


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